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                         Initialization file for JOE
                                Standard Joe

 JOE looks for this file in:
	1 - $HOME/.joerc
	2 - /etc/joe/joerc

 This file can include other files by placing the following include command
 in the first column:

 :include filename

 FIRST SECTION: Default global options (these options can also be specified
 on the command line.  Also the NOXON, LINES, COLUMNS, DOPADDING and BAUD
 options can be specified in environment variables):

 Override colors of lexical classes specified in syntax files:
 Put each color override you want in the first column.

 Valid colors:
   bold inverse blink dim underline
   white cyan magenta blue yellow green red black
   bg_white bg_cyan bg_magenta bg_blue bg_yellow bg_green bg_red bg_black

 Other colors are available: see syntax/c.jsf for documentation.

 Override all instances of class Idle:
   =Idle red

 Override Idle only for c syntax file:
   =c.Idle red

 The following list is from c.jsf.  Look at other syntax files for more classes.

 =Bad        bold red
 =Preproc    blue
 =Define     bold blue
 =IncLocal   cyan
 =IncSystem  bold cyan
 =Constant   cyan
 =Escape     bold cyan
 =Type       bold
 =Keyword    bold
 =CppKeyword bold
 =Brace      magenta

 Put each option you want set in the first column:

 -option	Sets the option
 --option	Clears the option

 -help_is_utf8	Set if help text is in UTF-8 format.  Leave clear if it's a raw 8-bit format.

 -mid		Cursor is recentered when scrolling is necessary

 -marking	Text between ^KB and cursor is highlighted (use with -lightoff)

 -asis		Characters 128 - 255 shown as-is

 -force		Force final newline when files are saved

 -nolocks	If you don't want file locks to be used

 -nomodcheck	Disable periodic checking of disk file newer than buffer
		(this checking happens on save even with this option).

 -nocurdir	Do not prompt with current directory

 -nobackups	If you don't want backup files to be created

		Delete file before writing, to break hard links
		(but don't break symbolic links).

		Delete file before writing, to break hard links
		and symbolic links.

 -lightoff	Turn off highlighting after block copy or move

 -exask		^KX always confirms file name

 -beep		Beep on errors and when cursor goes past extremes

 -nosta		Disable top-most status line

 -keepup	%k and %c status line escape sequences updated frequently

 -pg nnn	No. lines to keep for PgUp/PgDn

 -undo_keep nnn	Number of undo records to keep.  0 for infinite.

 -csmode	^KF after a pervious search does a ^L instead

 -backpath path
		Directory to store backup files (one space between
		'backpath' and the 'path', no trailing spaces or comments
		after the path).

 -floatmouse	Clicking past end of line moves the cursor past the end
 -rtbutton	Use the right mouse button for action, instead of the left

 -nonotice	Disable copyright notice

 -noxon		Attempt to turn off ^S/^Q processing

 -orphan	Put extra files given on command line in orphaned buffers
		instead of in windows

 -dopadding	Output pad characters (for when there is no tty handshaking)

 -lines nnn	Set no. screen lines

 -baud nnn	Set baud rate for terminal optimizations

 -columns nnn	Set no. screen columns

 -help		Start with help on

 -skiptop nnn	Don't use top nnn lines of the screen

-notite         Don't send terminal initialization and termination strings:
                prevents restoration of screen on exit.

 -usetabs       Use tabs to help optimize screen update.

-assume_color	Assume terminal has ANSI color support even if termcap/terminfo entry
		says that it doesn't.  This only applies if the terminal otherwise
		looks like an ANSI terminal (support bold and capability starts with
		ESC [).

		Assume terminal has xterm 256 color support (ESC [ 38 ; 5 ; NNN m and
                ESC [ 48 ; 5 ; NNN m).

-guess_non_utf8	Allow guess of non-UTF-8 file encoding in a UTF-8 locale.

 -guess_utf8	Allow guess of UTF-8 file encoding in non-UTF-8 locale.

-guess_crlf     Automatically detect MS-DOS files and set -crlf appropriately

-guess_indent	Guess indent character (tab or space).

-menu_above	Position menu/list above prompt when enabled.  Otherwise position
		below prompt.

-transpose	Transpose rows with columns in all menus.

 -menu_explorer	Stay in menu system when a directory is selected (otherwise
                directory is added to path and menu is closed).

 -menu_jump	Jump into file selection menu when tab is hit (otherwise, menu
		comes up, but cursor stays in file name prompt).

 -icase         Search is case insensitive by default.

 -wrap          Search wraps

 -autoswap	Swap markb with markk when necessary

-joe_state     Use ~/.joe_state file

 -mouse		Enable xterm mouse support.  When enabled, left-click will
		position the cursor and left-click-drag will select blocks
		For normal xterm cut and paste, hold the shift key down.

 -joexterm	If you are using XTerm version 212 or higher, and if it was
		configured with --enable-paste64, set this flag: it allows
		mouse cut & paste to work properly (text selected with the
		mouse can be pasted into other application, and middle
		button clicks paste into JOE).

 -square	Rectangular block mode

 -text_color color
		Set color for text.
 -status_color color
		Set color for status bar.
 -help_color color
		Set color for help.
 -menu_color color
		Set color for menus.
 -prompt_color color
		Set color for prompts.
 -msg_color color
		Set color for messages.

		For example: -text_color bg_blue+white
		Sets the background color to blue and foreground color to white.

-restore	Restore previous cursor position when files are opened

		Search prompts with previous search request.

 Status line definition strings.  -lmsg defines the left-justified string and
 -rmsg defines the right-justified string.  The first character of -rmsg is
 the background fill character.  The following escape sequences can be used
 in these strings:

  %t  12 hour time
  %u  24 hour time
  %T  O for overtype mode, I for insert mode
  %W  W if wordwrap is enabled
  %I  A if autoindent is enabled
  %X  Rectangle mode indicator
  %n  File name
  %m  '(Modified)' if file has been changed
  %*  '*' if file has been changed
  %R  Read-only indicator
  %r  Row (line) number
  %c  Column number
  %o  Byte offset into file
  %O  Byte offset into file in hex
  %a  Ascii value of character under cursor
  %A  Ascii value of character under cursor in hex
  %p  Percent of file cursor is at
  %l  No. lines in file
  %k  Entered prefix keys
  %S  '*SHELL*' if there is a shell running in window
  %M  Macro recording message
  %y  Syntax
  %x  Context (first non-indented line going backwards)
  %dd day
  %dm month
  %dY year
  %Ename%  value of environment variable
  %Tname%  value of option (ON or OFF for boolean options)

 These formatting escape sequences may also be given:
  \i  Inverse
  \u  Underline
  \b  Bold
  \d  Dim
  \f  Blink

-lmsg \i%k%T%W%I%X %n %m%y%R %M %x
-rmsg  %S Row %r Col %c %t  Ctrl-K H for help

 SECOND SECTION: File name dependant local option settings:

 Each line with '*' in the first column indicates the modes which should be
 set for files whose name matches the regular expression.  If more than one
 regular expression matches the file name, then the last matching one is

 A file contents regular expression may also be specified on a separate line
 with '+regex'.  If this regular expresssion is given, then both the file name
 regex and the file contents regex must match for the options to apply.

 Here are the modes which can be set:

	-cpara >#!;*/%
				Characters which can indent paragraphs.

	-encoding name
				Set file coding (for example: utf-8, iso-8859-15)

	-syntax name
				Specify syntax (syntax file called
				'name.jsf' will be loaded)

	-hex			Hex editor mode

	-highlight		Enable highlighting

	-smarthome		Home key first moves cursor to beginning of line,
				then if hit again, to first non-blank character.

	-indentfirst		Smart home goes to first non-blank character first,
				instead of going the beginning of line first.

	-smartbacks		Backspace key deletes 'istep' number of
				'indentc's if cursor is at first non-space

	-tab nnn		Tab width

	-indentc nnn		Indentation character (32 for space, 9 for tab)

	-istep nnn		Number of indentation columns

	-spaces			TAB inserts spaces instead of tabs.

	-purify			Fix indentation if necessary for rindent, lindent and backs
				(for example if indentation uses a mix of tabs and spaces,
				and indentc is space, indentation will be converted to all

	-crlf			File uses CR-LF at ends of lines

	-wordwrap		Wordwrap

	-nobackup		If you don't want backup file to be created

	-autoindent		Auto indent

	-overwrite		Overtype mode

        -picture                Picture mode (right arrow can go past end of lines)

	-lmargin nnn		Left margin

	-rmargin nnn		Right margin

	-flowed			Put one space after intermediate paragraph lines
				for support of flowed text.

	-french			One space after '.', '?' and '!' for wordwrap
				and paragraph reformat instead of two.  Joe
				does not change the spacing you give, but
				sometimes it must put spacing in itself.  This
				selects how much is inserted.

	-linums			Enable line numbers on each line

	-rdonly			File is read-only

	-keymap name
				Keymap to use if not 'main'

	-lmsg			Status line definition strings-
	-rmsg			see previous section for more info.

	-mfirst macro
				Macro to execute on first modification
	-mnew macro
				Macro to execute when new files are loaded
	-mold macro
				Macro to execute when existing files are loaded
	-msnew macro
				Macro to execute when new files are saved
	-msold macro
				Macro to execute when existing files are saved

	Macros for the above options are in the same format as in the key
	binding section below- but without the key name strings.

	These define the language syntax for ^G (goto matching delimiter):

	-single_quoted		Text between '  ' should be ignored (this is
				not good for regular text since ' is
				normally used alone as an apostrophe)

	-no_double_quoted	Text between " " should not be ignored (useful
				for TeX).

	-c_comment		Text between /* */ should be ignored

	-cpp_comment		Text after // should be ignored

	-pound_comment		Text after # should be ignored

	-vhdl_comment		Text after -- should be ignored

	-semi_comment		Text after ; should be ignored

	-text_delimiters begin=end:if=elif=else=endif

				Define word delimiters

 Default local options
-istep 2

 Perforce macro: use this macro (put in first column) to have joe "p4 edit"
 a file you're about to change.

 -mfirst if,"rdonly && joe(sys,\"p4 edit \",name,rtn)",then,mode,"o",msg,"executed \"p4 edit ",name,"\"",rtn,endif

 -mfirst if,"rdonly && joe(sys,\"p4 edit \",name,rtn)",then,reload,msg,"executed \"p4 edit ",name,"\"",rtn,endif

 File type table is now in a separate file.  You can copy this file to ~/.joe and customize it.

:include /root/.ftyperc

 SECOND and 1/2 SECTION: Option menu layout

	:defmenu name	Defines a menu.

	macro string comment
			A menu entry.  Macro is any JOE macro- see "Macros:"
			below. String is the label to be used for the macro
			in the menu.  It is in the same format as the -lmsg
			and -rmsg options above.

			Two whitespace characters in a row begins a comment.
			Use '% ' for a leading space in the string.

:defmenu root
mode,"overwrite",rtn	T Overtype %Zoverwrite%
mode,"hex",rtn	% % Hex edit mode
mode,"autoindent",rtn	I Autoindent %Zautoindent%
mode,"wordwrap",rtn	W Word wrap %Zwordwrap%
mode,"tab",rtn	D Tab width %Ztab%
mode,"lmargin",rtn	L Left margin %Zlmargin%
mode,"rmargin",rtn	R Right margin %Zrmargin%
mode,"square",rtn	X Rectangle mode %Zsquare%
mode,"indentc",rtn	% % Indent char %Zindentc%
mode,"istep",rtn	% % Indent step %Zistep%
mode,"highlight",rtn	H Highlighting %Zhighlight%
mode,"crlf",rtn	Z CR-LF (MS-DOS) %Zcrlf%
mode,"linums",rtn	N Line numbers %Zlinums%
mode,"beep",rtn	B Beep %Zbeep%
mode,"rdonly",rtn	O Read only %Zrdonly%
mode,"syntax",rtn	Y Syntax
mode,"encoding",rtn	E Encoding
mode,"asis",rtn	% % Meta chars as-is
mode,"language",rtn	V Language
mode,"picture",rtn	P picture %Zpicture%
menu,"more-options",rtn	  % % More options...

:defmenu more-options
menu,"^G",rtn	% % ^G options
menu,"search",rtn	% % search options
menu,"paragraph",rtn	% % paragraph options
menu,"file",rtn	% % file options
menu,"menu",rtn	% % menu options
menu,"global",rtn	% % global options
menu,"cursor",rtn	% % cursor options
menu,"marking",rtn	% % marking options
menu,"tab",rtn	% % tab/indent options

:defmenu menu
mode,"menu_explorer",rtn	% % Menu explorer %Zmenu_explorer%
mode,"menu_above",rtn	% % Menu position %Zmenu_above%
mode,"menu_jump",rtn	% % Jump into menu %Zmenu_jump%
mode,"transpose",rtn	% % Transpose menus %Ztranspose%

:defmenu ^G
mode,"single_quoted",rtn	% % ^G ignores '...' %Zsingle_quoted%
mode,"no_double_quoted",rtn	% % ^G no ignore "..." %Zno_double_quoted%
mode,"c_comment",rtn	% % ^G ignores /*...*/ %Zc_comment%
mode,"cpp_comment",rtn	% % ^G ignores //... %Zcpp_comment%
mode,"pound_comment",rtn	% % ^G ignores #... %Zpound_comment%
mode,"vhdl_comment",rtn	% % ^G ignores --... %Zvhdl_comment%
mode,"semi_comment",rtn	% % ^G ignores ;... %Zsemi_comment%
mode,"tex_comment",rtn % % ^G ignores %... %Ztex_comment%
mode,"text_delimiters",rtn % % Text delimiters %Ztext_delimiters%

:defmenu search
mode,"icase",rtn	% % Case insensitivity %Zicase%
mode,"wrap",rtn	% % Search wraps %Zwrap%
mode,"search_prompting",rtn	% % Search prompting %Zsearch_prompting%
mode,"csmode",rtn	% % Continued search %Zcsmode%

:defmenu paragraph
mode,"french",rtn	% % French spacing %Zfrench%
mode,"flowed",rtn	% % Flowed text %Zflowed%
mode,"cpara",rtn	% % Paragraph indent chars %Zcpara%

:defmenu file
mode,"restore",rtn	% % Restore cursor %Zrestore%
mode,"guess_crlf",rtn	% % Auto detect CR-LF %Zguess_crlf%
mode,"guess_indent",rtn	% % Guess indent %Zguess_indent%
mode,"guess_non_utf8",rtn	% % Guess non-UTF-8 %Zguess_non_utf8%
mode,"guess_utf8",rtn	% % Guess UTF-8 %Zguess_utf8%
mode,"force",rtn	% % Force last NL %Zforce%
mode,"nobackup",rtn	% % No backup %Znobackup%

:defmenu global
mode,"nolocks",rtn	% % Disable locks %Znolocks%
mode,"nobackups",rtn	% % Disable backups %Znobackups%
mode,"nomodcheck",rtn	% % Disable mtime check %Znomodcheck%
mode,"nocurdir",rtn	% % Disable current dir %Znocurdir%
mode,"exask",rtn	% % Exit ask %Zexask%
mode,"nosta",rtn	% % Disable status line %Znosta%
mode,"keepup",rtn	% % Fast status line %Zkeepup%
mode,"break_hardlinks",rtn	% % Break hard links %Zbreak_hardlinks%
mode,"break_links",rtn	% % Break links %Zbreak_links%
mode,"joe_state",rtn	% % Joe_state file %Zjoe_state%
mode,"undo_keep",rtn	% % No. undo records %Zundo_keep%
mode,"backpath",rtn	% % Path to backup files %Zbackpath%

:defmenu cursor
mode,"pg",rtn	% % No. PgUp/PgDn lines %Zpg%
mode,"mid",rtn	C Center on scroll %Zmid%
mode,"floatmouse",rtn	% % Click past end %Zfloatmouse%
mode,"rtbutton",rtn	% % Right button %Zrtbutton%

:defmenu marking
mode,"autoswap",rtn	% % Autoswap mode %Zautoswap%
mode,"marking",rtn	% % Marking %Zmarking%
mode,"lightoff",rtn	% % Auto unmask %Zlightoff%

:defmenu tab
mode,"smarthome",rtn	% % Smart home key %Zsmarthome%
mode,"smartbacks",rtn	% % Smart backspace %Zsmartbacks%
mode,"indentfirst",rtn	% % To indent first %Zindentfirst%
mode,"purify",rtn	% % Clean up indents %Zpurify%
mode,"spaces",rtn	% % No tabs %Zspaces%

 THIRD SECTION: Named help screens:

 Use \i to turn on/off inverse video
 Use \u to turn on/off underline
 Use \b to turn on/off bold
 Use \d to turn on/off dim
 Use \f to turn on/off flash

 Use \| to insert a spring: all springs in a given line are set to the same
 width such that the entire line exactly fits in the width of the screen (if
 it's not an exact multiple so that there are N spaces remaining, the
 rightmost N springs each get one extra space).  Hint: if you want vertical
 alignment, each line should have the same number of springs.

 Use the '-help_is_utf8' global option to allow UTF-8 sequences in the help
 text.  Otherwise, the locale 8-bit character set is assumed.

\i   Help Screen    \|turn off with ^KH    more help with ESC . (^[.)              \i
\i \i\|\uCURSOR\u           \|\uGO TO\u            \|\uBLOCK\u      \|\uDELETE\u   \|\uMISC\u         \|\uEXIT\u      \|\i \i
\i \i\|^B left ^F right \|^U  prev. screen \|^KB begin  \|^D char. \|^KJ reformat \|^KX save  \|\i \i
\i \i\|^P up   ^N down  \|^V  next screen  \|^KK end    \|^Y line  \|^KA center   \|^C  abort \|\i \i
\i \i\|^Z previous word \|^A  beg. of line \|^KM move   \|^W >word \|^T  options  \|^KZ shell \|\i \i
\i \i\|^X next word     \|^E  end of line  \|^KC copy   \|^O word< \|^R  refresh  \|\uFILE\u      \|\i \i
\i \i\|\uSEARCH\u           \|^KU top of file  \|^KW file   \|^J >line \|\uSPELL\u        \|^KE edit  \|\i \i
\i \i\|^KF find text    \|^KV end of file  \|^KY delete \|^_ undo  \|^[N word     \|^KR insert\|\i \i
\i \i\|^L  find next    \|^KL to line No.  \|^K/ filter \|^^ redo  \|^[L file     \|^KD save  \|\i \i

\i   Help Screen    \|turn off with ^KH    prev. screen ^[,    next screen ^[.     \i
\i \i\|^KO Split the window in half           \|^KE Load file into window             \|\i \i
\i \i\|^KG Make current window bigger         \|^KT Make current window smaller       \|\i \i
\i \i\|^KN Go to the window below             \|^KP Go to the window above            \|\i \i
\i \i\|^[V Switch to next buffer              \|^[U Switch to previous buffer         \|\i \i
\i \i\|^C  Eliminate the current window       \|^KI Show all windows / Show one window\|\i \i

\i   Help Screen    \|turn off with ^KH    prev. screen ^[,    next screen ^[.     \i
\i \i\|\uMACROS\u         \|\uMISC\u            \|\uSCROLL\u    \|\uSHELL\u       \|\uGOTO\u       \|\uI-SEARCH\u     \|\i \i
\i \i\|^K[ 0-9 Record \|^K SPACE status \|^[W Up    \|^K' Window  \|^[B To ^KB \|^[R Backwards\|\i \i
\i \i\|^K]     Stop   \|^K\\ Repeat      \|^[Z Down  \|^[! Command \|^[K To ^KK \|^[S Forwards \|\i \i
\i \i\|^K 0-9  Play   \|\uINSERT\u          \|^K< Left  \|\uQUOTE\u       \|\uDELETE\u     \|\uBOOKMARKS\u    \|\i \i
\i \i\|^K?     Query  \|^] split line   \|^K> Right \|^[' Ctrl-   \|^[Y yank   \|^[ 0-9 Goto  \|\i \i
\i \i\|^[D     Dump   \|^SPACE ins space\|          \|^\\ Meta-    \|^[O line<  \|^[^[   Set   \|\i \i

\i   Help Screen    \|turn off with ^KH    prev. screen ^[,    next screen ^[.     \i
\i \i\|\uGOTO\u                 \|\uINDENT\u   \|\uCOMPILING\u          \uQUICK\u                       \|\i \i
\i \i\|^G  Matching ( [ {   \|^K, less \|^[C Compile & parse ^G  find word under cursor \|\i \i
\i \i\|^K- Previous place   \|^K. more \|^[G Grep & parse    ^[ENTER complete word      \|\i \i
\i \i\|^K= Next place       \|\uFILE\u     \|^[= To next error   ^[Y paste deleted text     \|\i \i
\i \i\|^K; Tags file search \|^K `     \|^[- To prev. error  ^[^Y cycle through deleted \|\i \i
\i \i\|                     \| revert  \|^[ SP Jump to error                            \|\i \i

\i   Help Screen    \|turn off with ^KH    prev. screen ^[,    next screen ^[.     \i
\i \iSpecial search sequences:                                                    \|\i \i
\i \i    \\^  \\$  matches beg./end of line      \\?     match any single char       \|\i \i
\i \i    \\<  \\>  matches beg./end of word      \\*     match 0 or more chars       \|\i \i
\i \i    \\c      matches balanced C expression \\\\     matches a \\                 \|\i \i
\i \i    \\[..]   matches one of a set          \\n     matches a newline           \|\i \i
\i \i    \\+      matches 0 or more of the character which follows the \\+          \|\i \i
\i \iSpecial replace sequences:                                                   \|\i \i
\i \i    \\&      replaced with text which matched search string                   \|\i \i
\i \i    \\0 - 9  replaced with text which matched Nth \\*, \\?, \\c, \\+, or \\[..]    \|\i \i
\i \i    \\\\      replaced with \\               \\n     replaced with newline       \|\i \i

\i   Help Screen    \|turn off with ^KH    prev. screen ^[,    next screen ^[.     \i
\i \iSearch options:                                                              \|\i \i
\i \i   r Replace                                                                 \|\i \i
\i \i   k Restrict search to highlighted block, which can be rectangular          \|\i \i
\i \i   b Search backward instead of forward                                      \|\i \i
\i \i   i Ignore case                                                             \|\i \i
\i \i   a Search across all loaded files                                          \|\i \i
\i \i   e Search across all files in Grep or Compile error list                   \|\i \i
\i \i   w Wrap to beginning of file for this search                               \|\i \i
\i \i   n Do not wrap to beginning of file for this search                        \|\i \i
\i \i   nnn Perform exaclty nnn replacements                                      \|\i \i

\i   Help Screen    \|turn off with ^KH    prev. screen ^[,    next screen ^[.     \i
\i \i \uCOMMANDS\u (hit ESC m for math)  \uFUNCTIONS\u                                    \|\i \i
\i \i     hex hex display mode       sin cos tab asin acos atan                   \|\i \i
\i \i     dec decimal mode           sinh cosh tanh asinh acosh atanh             \|\i \i
\i \i     ins type result into file  sqrt cbrt exp ln log                         \|\i \i
\i \i    eval evaluate block         int floor ceil abs erg ergc                  \|\i \i
\i \i    0xff enter number in hex    joe(..macro..) - runs an editor macro        \|\i \i
\i \i    3e-4 floating point decimal \uBLOCK\u                                        \|\i \i
\i \i    a=10 assign a variable      sum cnt  Sum, count                          \|\i \i
\i \i 2+3:ins multiple commands      avg dev  Average, std. deviation             \|\i \i
\i \i    e pi constants              \uOPERATORS\u                                    \|\i \i
\i \i     ans previous result        ! ^  * / %  + -  < <= > >= == !=  &&  ||  ? :\|\i \i

\i   Help Screen    \|turn off with ^KH    prev. screen ^[,    next screen ^[.     \i
\i \i Hit TAB at file name prompts to generate menu of file names                 \|\i \i
\i \i Or use up/down keys to access history of previously entered names           \|\i \i
\i \i Special file names:                                                         \|\i \i
\i \i      !command                 Pipe in/out of a shell command                \|\i \i
\i \i      >>filename               Append to a file                              \|\i \i
\i \i      -                        Read/Write to/from standard I/O               \|\i \i
\i \i      filename,START,SIZE      Read/Write a part of a file/device            \|\i \i
\i \i          Give START/SIZE in decimal (255), octal (0377) or hex (0xFF)       \|\i \i

\i   Help Screen    \|turn off with ^KH    prev. screen ^[,    next screen ^[.     \i
\i \i Send bug reports to: \|\i \i
\i \i \|\i \i
\i \i  default joerc file is here /etc/joe/joerc \|\i \i
\i \i  default syntax and i18n files are here /usr/share/joe \|\i \i
\i \i  additional documentation can be found here /usr/share/doc/joe \|\i \i

\i   Help Screen    \|turn off with ^KH    prev. screen ^[,                        \i
\i \i\| Dec  \u 0123 4567  8901 2345    0123 4567  8901 2345 \u  Dec \|\i \i
\i \i\|     |                                              |     \|\i \i
\i \i\|   0 | \u@ABC\u \uDEFG\u  \uHIJK\u \uLMNO\u    \i\u@ABC\u\i \i\uDEFG\u\i  \i\uHIJK\u\i \i\uLMNO\u\i | 128 \|\i \i
\i \i\|  16 | \uPQRS\u \uTUVW\u  \uXYZ[\u \u\\]^_\u    \i\uPQRS\u\i \i\uTUVW\u\i  \i\uXYZ[\u\i \i\u\\]^_\u\i | 144 \|\i \i
\i \i\|  32 |  !"# $%&'  ()*+ ,-./     ¡¢£ ¤¥¦§  ¨©ª« ¬­®¯ | 160 \|\i \i
\i \i\|  48 | 0123 4567  89:; <=>?    °±²³ ´µ¶·  ¸¹º» ¼½¾¿ | 176 \|\i \i
\i \i\|  64 | @ABC DEFG  HIJK LMNO    ÀÁÂÃ ÄÅÆÇ  ÈÉÊË ÌÍÎÏ | 192 \|\i \i
\i \i\|  80 | PQRS TUVW  XYZ[ \\]^_    ÐÑÒÓ ÔÕÖ×  ØÙÚÛ ÜÝÞß | 208 \|\i \i
\i \i\|  96 | `abc defg  hijk lmno    àáâã äåæç  èéêë ìíîï | 224 \|\i \i
\i \i\| 112 | pqrs tuvw  xyz{ |}~?    ðñòó ôõö÷  øùúû üýþÿ | 240 \|\i \i

 FOURTH SECTION: Key bindings:

 Section names you must provide:

	:main		For editing window
	:prompt		For prompt lines
	:query		For single-character query lines
	:querya		Singe-character query for quote
	:querysr	Search & Replace single-character query

 Other sections may be given as well for organization purposes or for
 use with the '-keymap' option.

 :inherit name		To copy the named section into the current one
 :delete key		To delete a key sequence from the current section


 Use ^@ through ^_ and ^? for Ctrl chars
 Use SP for space
 Use a TO b to generate a range of characters
 Use MWDOWN, MWUP for wheel mouse motion
 Use ^# for 0x9B (for Amiga).  But warning: this breaks UTF-8 keyboards.

 You can also use termcap string capability names.  For example:

	.ku		Up
	.kd		Down
	.kl		Left
	.kr		Right
	.kh		Home
	.kH		End
	.kI		Insert
	.kD		Delete
	.kP		PgUp
	.kN		PgDn
	.k1 - .k9	F1 - F9
	.k0		F0 or F10
	.k;		F10


 Simple macros can be made by comma seperating 2 or more command names.  For

 eof,bol	^T Z		Goto beginning of last line

 Also quoted matter is typed in literally:

 bol,">",dnarw	.k1		Quote news article line

 Macros may cross lines if they end with ,

 Commands or named macros may be created with :def.  For example, you can

 :def foo eof,bol

 To define a command foo which will goto the beginning of the last line.

:windows		Bindings common to all windows
type		^@ TO ÿ		Type a character
abort		^C		Abort window
abort		^K Q
abort		^K ^Q
abort		^K q
arg		^K \		Repeat next command
explode		^K I		Show all windows or show only one window
explode		^K ^I
explode		^K i
help		^K H		Help menu
help		^K ^H
help		^K h
hnext		^[ .		Next help window
hprev		^[ ,		Previous help window
math		^[ m		Calculator
math		^[ M		Calculator
 math		^[ ^M		Calculator
msg		^[ h		Display a message
msg		^[ H		Display a message
msg		^[ ^H		Display a message
nextw		^K N		Goto next window
nextw		^K ^N
nextw		^K n
pgdn		.kN		Screen down
pgdn		^V
pgdn		^[ [ 6 ~
 pgdn      ^# S
pgup		.kP		Screen up
pgup		^U
pgup		^[ [ 5 ~
 pgup      ^# T
play		^K 0 TO 9	Execute macro
prevw		^K P		Goto previous window
prevw		^K ^P
prevw		^K p
query		^K ?		Macro query insert
record		^K [		Record a macro
retype		^R		Refresh screen
rtn		^M		Return
shell		^K Z		Shell escape
shell		^K ^Z
shell		^K z
stop		^K ]		Stop recording
 Mouse handling
defmdown	MDOWN		Move the cursor to the mouse location
defmup		MUP
defmdrag	MDRAG		Select a region of characters
defm2down	M2DOWN		Select the word at the mouse location
defm2up		M2UP
defm2drag	M2DRAG		Select a region of words
defm3down	M3DOWN		Select the line at the mouse location
defm3up		M3UP
defm3drag	M3DRAG		Select a region of lines

xtmouse		^[ [ M		Introduces an xterm mouse event

if,"char==65",then,"it's an A",else,"it's not an a",endif	^[ q

:main			Text editing window
:inherit windows

 Spell-check macros

:def ispellfile filt,"cat >ispell.tmp;ispell ispell.tmp </dev/tty >/dev/tty;cat ispell.tmp;/bin/rm ispell.tmp",rtn,retype
:def ispellword psh,nextword,markk,prevword,markb,filt,"cat >ispell.tmp;ispell ispell.tmp </dev/tty >/dev/tty;tr -d <ispell.tmp '\\012';/bin/rm ispell.tmp",rtn,retype,nextword

:def aspellfile filt,"SPLTMP=ispell.tmp;cat >$SPLTMP;aspell --lang=",language,".",charset," -x -c $SPLTMP </dev/tty >/dev/tty;cat $SPLTMP;/bin/rm $SPLTMP",rtn,retype
:def aspellword psh,nextword,markk,prevword,markb,filt,"SPLTMP=ispell.tmp;cat >$SPLTMP;aspell --lang=",language,".",charset," -x -c $SPLTMP </dev/tty >/dev/tty;tr -d <$SPLTMP '\\012';/bin/rm $SPLTMP",rtn,retype,nextword

aspellfile	^[ l
aspellword	^[ n


:def compile mwind!,mfit!,querysave,query,scratch,"* Build Log *",rtn,bof,markb,eof," ",markk,blkdel,build


:def grep_find mwind!,mfit!,scratch,"* Grep Log *",rtn,bof,markb,eof," ",markk,blkdel,grep

 Man page

:def man scratch,"* Man Page *",rtn,bof,markb,eof," ",markk,blkdel," ",ltarw,run,"man -P cat -S 2:3 "

 Here we guess some common key sequences which either do not have termcap
 sequences or which are frequently wrong.  Note that if the termcap entry is
 correct, it will override these later on.

paste			^[ ] 5 2 ;		Bracketed paste

insc			^[ [ 2 ~
insc			^[ [ L			SCO

delch			^[ [ 3 ~

pgup			^[ [ I		SCO

pgdn			^[ [ G		SCO

home			^[ [ 1 ~		Putty, Linux, Cygwin
home			^[ [ H			Xterm, Konsole, SCO
home			^[ O H			gnome-terminal
home			^[ [ 7 ~		RxVT
 home			^# SP A		Amiga

eol			^[ [ 4 ~		Putty, Linux, Cygwin, ssh
eol			^[ [ F			Xterm, Konsole, SCO
eol			^[ O F			gnome-terminal
eol			^[ [ 8 ~		RxVT
 eol			^# SP @		Amiga

rtarw,ltarw,begin_marking,rtarw,toggle_marking	^[ [ 1 ; 5 C    Mark right Xterm
rtarw,ltarw,begin_marking,rtarw,toggle_marking	^[ [ 5 C        Mark right Gnome-terminal
 (Almost all termcap entries have ^[ O C as an arrow key).
 rtarw,ltarw,begin_marking,rtarw,toggle_marking	^[ O C		Mark right Putty Ctrl-rtarw
rtarw,ltarw,begin_marking,rtarw,toggle_marking	^[ O c		Mark right RxVT Ctrl-rtarw

ltarw,rtarw,begin_marking,ltarw,toggle_marking	^[ [ 1 ; 5 D    Mark left
ltarw,rtarw,begin_marking,ltarw,toggle_marking	^[ [ 5 D        Mark left
 ltarw,rtarw,begin_marking,ltarw,toggle_marking	^[ O D		Mark left Putty Ctrl-ltarw
ltarw,rtarw,begin_marking,ltarw,toggle_marking	^[ O d		Mark left RxVT Ctrl-ltarw

uparw,dnarw,begin_marking,uparw,toggle_marking	^[ [ 1 ; 5 A    Mark up
uparw,dnarw,begin_marking,uparw,toggle_marking	^[ [ 5 A        Mark up
 uparw,dnarw,begin_marking,uparw,toggle_marking	^[ O A		Mark up Putty Ctrl-uparw
uparw,dnarw,begin_marking,uparw,toggle_marking	^[ O a		Mark up RxVT Ctrl-uparw

dnarw,uparw,begin_marking,dnarw,toggle_marking	^[ [ 1 ; 5 B    Mark down
dnarw,uparw,begin_marking,dnarw,toggle_marking	^[ [ 5 B        Mark down
 dnarw,uparw,begin_marking,dnarw,toggle_marking	^[ O B		Mark down Putty Ctrl-dnarw
dnarw,uparw,begin_marking,dnarw,toggle_marking	^[ O b		Mark down RxVT Ctrl-dnarw

blkdel,nmark   ^[ [ 3 ; 5 -	Gnome-terminal Ctrl-Del
blkdel,nmark   ^[ [ 3 ; 5 ~	Xterm Ctrl-Del

yank		^[ [ 2 ; 5 -	Gnome-terminal Ctrl-Ins
yank		^[ [ 2 ; 5 ~    Xterm Ctrl-Ins

 Extra functions not really part of JOE user interface:

delbol		^[ o		Delete to beginning of line
delbol		^[ ^O		Delete to beginning of line
dnslide		^[ z		Scroll down one line
dnslide		^[ Z		Scroll down one line
dnslide		^[ ^Z		Scroll down one line
dnslide,dnslide,dnslide,dnslide		MWDOWN
compile		^[ c		Compile
compile		^[ C
compile		^[ ^C		Compile
grep_find	^[ g		Grep
grep_find	^[ G		Grep
grep_find	^[ ^G		Grep
execmd		^[ x		Prompt for command to execute
execmd		^[ X		Prompt for command to execute
execmd		^[ ^X		Prompt for command to execute
finish		^[ ^I		Complete word in document
finish		^[ ^M		Complete word: used to be math
mwind,mfit,jump,bol		^[ SP
isrch		^[ s		Forward incremental search
isrch		^[ S		Forward incremental search
isrch		^[ ^S		Forward incremental search
notmod		^[ ~		Not modified
mwind,mfit,prevw,nxterr		^[ =		To next error
parserr		^[ e		Parse errors in current buffer
parserr		^[ E		Parse errors in current buffer
parserr		^[ ^E		Parse errors in current buffer
mwind,mfit,prevw,prverr		^[ -		To previous error
rsrch		^[ r		Backward incremental search
rsrch		^[ R		Backward incremental search
rsrch		^[ ^R		Backward incremental search
run		^[ !		Run a program in a window
tomarkb		^[ b		Go to beginning of marked block
tomarkb		^[ ^B		Go to beginning of marked block
tomarkk		^[ k		Go to end of marked block
tomarkk		^[ ^K		Go to end of marked block
tomarkk		^[ K		Go to end of marked block
txt		^[ i		Prompt for text and insert it
txt		^[ I		Prompt for text and insert it
upslide		^[ w		Scroll up one line
upslide		^[ ^W		Scroll up one line
upslide		^[ W		Scroll up one line
upslide,upslide,upslide,upslide		MWUP
yank		^[ y		Undelete text
yankpop		^[ ^Y		Undelete text
yank		^[ Y		Undelete text

 toggle_marking	^@		Ctrl-space block selection method
insc		^@		Ctrl-space used to insert a space

 bufed		^[ d		Menu of buffers
nbuf		^[ v		Next buffer
nbuf		^[ V		Next buffer
nbuf		^[ ^V		Next buffer
pbuf		^[ u		Prev buffer
pbuf		^[ U		Prev buffer
pbuf		^[ ^U		Prev buffer
 query		^[ q		Quoted insert
 byte		^[ n		Goto byte
 col		^[ c		Goto column
 abortbuf	^[ k		Kill current buffer- don't mess with windows
 ask		^[ a		Ask to save current buffer
 bop		^[ p		Backwards paragraph
 bos		^[ x		Bottom of screen
 copy		^[ ^W		Copy block into yank
 dupw		^[ \		Split window
 eop		^[ n		Forwards paragraph
 format		^[ j		Format paragraph ignore block
 markl		^[ l		Mark line
 nmark		^[ @		Turn off ^KB ^KK
 pop		^[ >		Pop ^KB ^KK
 psh		^[ <		Push ^KB ^KK
 swap		^[ x		Swap ^KB and cursor
 tomarkbk	^[ g		Switch between beginning and end of marked
 tos		^[ e		Top of screen
 tw0		^[ 0		Kill current window (orphans buffer)
 tw1		^[ 1		Kill all other windows (orphans buffers)
 uarg		^[ u		Universal argument
 yank		^[ ^Y		Undelete previous text
 yapp		^[ w		Append next delete to previous yank

 Standard JOE user interface

quote8		^\		Enter Meta chars
 quote		`		Enter Ctrl chars
quote		^[ '		Enter Ctrl chars
quote		^Q

backs		^?		Backspace
backs		^H
backw		^O		Backspace word
bknd		^K '		Shell window
blkcpy		^K C		Copy marked block
blkcpy		^K ^C
blkcpy		^K c
blkdel		^K Y		Delete marked block
blkdel		^K ^Y
blkdel		^K y
blkmove		^K M		Move marked block
blkmove		^K ^M
blkmove		^K m
blksave		^K W		Save marked block
blksave		^K ^W
blksave		^K w
bof		^K U		Goto beginning of file
bof		^K ^U
bof		^K u
 bol		.kh		Goto beginning of line
 bol		^A
 bol      ^# SP A
home		.kh
home		^A
center		^K A		Center line
center		^K ^A
center		^K a
crawll		^K <		Pan left
crawlr		^K >		Pan right
delch		.kD		Delete character
delch		^D
deleol		^J		Delete to end of line
dellin		^Y		Delete entire line
delw		^W		Delete word to right
dnarw		.kd		Go down
dnarw		^N
dnarw		^[ O B
dnarw		^[ [ B
 dnarw		^# B
edit		^K E		Edit a file
edit		^K ^E
edit		^K e
eof		^K V		Go to end of file
eof		^K ^V
eof		^K v
eol		.kH		Go to end of line
eol		.@7
eol		^E
exsave		^K X		Save and exit
exsave		^K ^X
exsave		^K x
ffirst		^K F		Find first
ffirst		^K ^F
ffirst		^K f
filt		^K /		Filter block
 finish		^K ^M		Complete text under cursor
fnext		^L		Find next
fmtblk		^K J		Format paragraphs in block
fmtblk		^K ^J
fmtblk		^K j
gomark		^[ 0 TO 9	Goto bookmark
groww		^K G		Grow window
groww		^K ^G
groww		^K g
insc		.kI		Insert a space
 insc		^@
insf		^K R		Insert a file
insf		^K ^R
insf		^K r
lindent		^K ,		Indent to left
line		^K L		Goto line no.
line		^K ^L
line		^K l
ltarw		.kl		Go left
ltarw		^B
ltarw		^[ O D
ltarw		^[ [ D
 ltarw          ^# D
macros		^[ d		Dump keyboard macros
macros		^[ ^D
markb		^K B		Set beginning of marked block
markb		^K ^B
markb		^K b
markk		^K K		Set end of marked block
markk		^K ^K
markk		^K k
 mode		^T		Options menu
menu,"root",rtn	^T
nextpos		^K =		Goto next position in position history
nextword	^X		Goto next word
open		^]		Split line
prevpos		^K -		Previous position in history
prevword	^Z		Previous word
reload		^K `		Revert file
redo		^^		Redo changes
rindent		^K .		Indent to right
rtarw		.kr		Go right
rtarw		^F
rtarw		^[ O C
rtarw		^[ [ C
 rtarw          ^# C
run		^K !		Run a shell command
save		^K D		Save file
save		^K S
save		^K ^D
save		^K ^S
save		^K d
save		^K s
setmark		^[ ^[		Set bookmark
shrinkw		^K T		Shrink window
shrinkw		^K ^T
shrinkw		^K t
splitw		^K O		Split window
splitw		^K ^O
splitw		^K o
stat		^K SP		Show status
tag		^K ;		Tags file search
tomatch		^G		Goto matching parenthasis
undo		^_		Undo changes
uparw		.ku		Go up
 uparw		^# A
uparw		^P
uparw		^[ O A
uparw		^[ [ A

:prompt			Prompt windows
:inherit main
if,"byte>size",then,complete,complete,else,delch,endif	^D
complete	^I
dnarw,eol	.kd		Go down
dnarw,eol	^N
dnarw,eol	^[ O B
dnarw,eol	^[ [ B
 dnarw,eol	^# B
uparw,eol	.ku		Go up
 uparw,eol	^# A
uparw,eol	^P
uparw,eol	^[ O A
uparw,eol	^[ [ A

:menu			Selection menus
:inherit windows

pgupmenu			^[ [ I

pgdnmenu			^[ [ G

bolmenu			^[ [ 1 ~		Putty, Linux, Cygwin
bolmenu			^[ [ H			Xterm, Konsole
bolmenu			^[ O H			gnome-terminal
bolmenu			^[ [ 7 ~		RxVT
 bolmenu			^# SP A		Amiga

eolmenu			^[ [ 4 ~		Putty, Linux, Cygwin, ssh
eolmenu			^[ [ F			Xterm, Konsole
eolmenu			^[ O F			gnome-terminal
eolmenu			^[ [ 8 ~		RxVT
 eolmenu			^# SP @		Amiga

abort		^[ ^[	Why?
backsmenu	^?
backsmenu	^H
bofmenu		^K U
bofmenu		^K ^U
bofmenu		^K u
bolmenu		.kh
bolmenu		^A
dnarwmenu	.kd
dnarwmenu	^N
dnarwmenu	^[ [ B
dnarwmenu	^[ O B
 dnarwmenu ^# B
dnarwmenu	MWDOWN
eofmenu		^K V
eofmenu		^K ^V
eofmenu		^K v
eolmenu		.kH
eolmenu		^E
ltarwmenu	.kl
ltarwmenu	^B
ltarwmenu	^[ [ D
ltarwmenu	^[ O D
 ltarwmenu ^# D
pgdnmenu	.kN		Screen down
pgdnmenu	^V
pgdnmenu	^[ [ 6 ~
 pgdnmenu  ^# S
pgupmenu	.kP		Screen up
pgupmenu	^U
pgupmenu	^[ [ 5 ~
 pgupmenu  ^# T
rtarwmenu	.kr
rtarwmenu	^F
rtarwmenu	^[ [ C
 rtarwmenu ^# C
rtarwmenu	^[ O C
rtn		SP
rtn		^I
rtn		^K H
rtn		^K h
rtn		^K ^H
tabmenu		^I
uparwmenu	.ku
uparwmenu	^P
uparwmenu	^[ [ A
uparwmenu	^[ O A
 uparwmenu ^# A
uparwmenu	MWUP
defm2down	M2DOWN		Hits return key

:query			Single-key query window
:inherit windows

:querya			Single-key query window for quoting
type		^@ TO ÿ

:querysr		Search & replace query window
type		^@ TO ÿ